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Let's start by seeing if we are the right people that you
should be taking golf advice from and that you understand our approach and methods and we can probably do this by asking these two questions. 

~First Question:  Is your driver club-head speed as fast as Tiger Woods? ...Probably not! 

~Second Question:  Does Tiger Woods hit a 67-yard approach shot into the green faster harder than you do? - NO!  ...and why would he? ...He only wants 67 yards.

See where we are coming from?


Designed and created from "Inside The PGA Ropes" 
and we have consistently gotten a
100% "Two Thumbs Up" from PGA Pros 
and the Pro Caddies!  We were very humbled.

The LPGA loved 'Golf Methodologies' and the 
'Pocket Caddie 
Swing Calibrator™'.

  The 'Golf Methodologies' 
also includes the
'The Pocket Caddie Swing Calibrator™'    
that is a formulated technique we have and all the PGA
pros and experts tell us and teach us that the best,
fastest, easiest, and longest-lasting lesson to a
lower golf score is the 'Short-Game'.  



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