Separate your Tesla from all the others with
 'Kaleidoscopic Holographic'
Wheel Accents

They're Super Classy and a true eye-catcher in a subtle way as they only "accent and enhance" the already beautifully designed Tesla wheels!
Look at all these beautiful Teslas below!
Can you see what is missing and what
every Tesla below needs?

You guessed it,
 'Kaleidoscopic Holographic'
Wheel Accents

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"So how do"Tesla 
 'Kaleidoscopic Holographic'
Wheel Accents Work?

We take care of each client personally - sizing and matching
the best fit for your Tesla - then it's your choice!

Below is how 'Kaleidoscopic Holographic' 
Wheel Enhancers for Teslas
function and we operate and assist our clients, that's you!

~'Kaleidoscopic Holographic' 
has three (3) Operating Modes with
or without Holographics~

1. They can function in a "Stationary Mode" giving your Tesla a 'Solid Axle' look.
2. They can also function in a "Free Mode". This means they start in a stationary position, then trickle, rock, and then rotate depending on wheel depth and speed.
3. The most appealing function is what is known as the Tru~ReVOLVe as they"Rotate Backwards" in the opposite rotation of the wheel,
and with the Hologram magnifying small light sources, 
it gives off a kaleidoscopic-type effect! 
~Below is how they function~

~When you start from a stop, they do 'not' rotate.
~Then as you travel and pick up speed they start
to rotate in a 'reverse' fashion at about a 1 to 8
ratio, again depending on your speed, as having
a kaleidoscopic-type effect from differing views.
~Then once you stop, the Tru~Holographic ReVOLVeS
continue the 'reverse rotating' they make several rotations,
then settle with the logo or image standing vertically every time!

*Special note. If you do not like people talking to you, then do 'not'
purchase these as people go absolutely bonkers as they see
and sort out in their minds what they were seeing! 

Regardless of which 'running mode' you prefer, they all will
'always stop' with the logo or image verticle and upright.

They all will have a kaleidoscopic effect from various
viewing angles depending on rotation!

...Your choice!

"Tru~Holographic Tesla Pre-Purchase Process"
*Please note. We do not and will not use a "Buy It Now" function. 
You are not just a customer, we feel you are our 'client' and you will
be treated with the same respect as a license of our patents or our manufacturers and each customer is personally assisted.

"Tru~Holographic Tesla Fitment Process"
This is how we help make the right purchase for you.
~We want you to email us a picture of your Tesla and wheels,
as we then perform an "OnLine Fitment Evaluation".

( Aside shot of your wheels is the best picture to help us.)

~We then suggest which group of Tru~Holographic Wheel Enhancers is the best fit for your Tesla and your taste as "you" pick your style.

~Then you can purchase a set, but we are not done!~
All of our clients have a "Fitment Guarantee Refund" so after
you take delivery, we have you take one Tru~Holographic
Wheel Enhancer out and hold it to your center Tesla wheel
as we perform a "Second OnLine Evaluation" 

so you can be assured of your purchase! 

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