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So how do... 
 "Tesla Revolvers"

We take care of each client personally - sizing and matching
the best fit for your Tesla - then it's your choice!


Below is how "Tesla Revolvers" Wheel Enhancers for
Teslas function and how we operate!

~Below is how they function~
~When you start from a stop, they do 'not' rotate.
~Then as you travel and pick up speed they start
to rotate in a 'reverse' fashion at about a 1 to 4
ratio, again depending on your speed, as having
a kaleidoscopic-type effect from differing views.
~Then once you stop, the "Tesla Revolvers" 
continue the 'reverse rotating' as they make several rotations,
then settle with the logo or image standing vertically every time! 
Regardless of speed, they all will 'always stop'
with the logo or image verticle and upright.
They all will have a kaleidoscopic effect from various
viewing angles depending on rotation!

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~ Method of Rotating Modes
~ Our Fitment Guaranty
~ Our Mounting Assistance 

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