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'Revolver Holographic Wheel Accents'
or Logo 
for Tesla®!
Separate your TESLA
® from all the others!
Brought to you by Tru-Spinners®
"The Original One That Started It All"
So how do "Holographic Revolver TRU~Spinners®" function? They will absolutely blow viewers' minds!
~ First off, we do not use a "Buy It Now" method as we personally take care of each client with a personal touch by sizing and matching the best fit for you and your Tesla! 
~ Below is how "Tesla Revolvers"
 Wheel Accents function and operate.

~ Means & Function ~
~ When you start from a stop, they do 'not' rotate.
~ Then as you travel and pick up speed they start to rotate in a 'reverse' fashion at about a 1 to 4 ratio to where people can actually see them out of pace with t
he wheel!
Depending on your speed they give off a kaleidoscopic effect from varying views.

~ Although 'Tesla Revolvers'  have an absolutely amazing appearance rotating backward, they also have a
secondary mounting means that will rotate
'with' the direction of the wheel! 
It's your choice that you can change anytime you wish!

~ In fact, you can set up the Tesla Revolvers to
perform both reverse or forward functions,
again, your choice at any time!

~ Regardless of a 'forward or reverse' function,
once you stop, the 
"Tesla Revolvers" continue 
'rotating' making several rotations! 

When they do stop rotating, they all will always stop and settle with the logo verticle and upright every time.
~ They also give off a kaleidoscopic effect from various viewing angles depending on rotation!
~ Each set of four (4) comes with a professional wheel
"Center Cap Remover" so as not to damage or harm your original Tesla center caps!  Very simple to use.

~ Method of 'Rotating Modes' is your choice when
you snap them on, again very simple to perform.

~ They are Triple Plated ABS Chrome and carry
a Lifetime Warranty against rust!

~ Our Fitment Guaranty is always in effect.
~ Our Mounting Assistance is 24/7. 
~ Free Shipping lower 48 Continental United States
~ Questions or Sales just contact us at 
by clicking the contact button below.


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