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So how do... 
 "Tesla Revolvers"

We take care of each client personally - sizing and matching the best fit for your Tesla!

~Below is how "Tesla Revolvers" Wheel Enhancers forTeslas function and how they operate!~

~ Means & Function ~
~When you start from a stop, they do 'not' rotate.~

~Then as you travel and pick up speed they start to rotate
in a 'reverse' fashion at about a 1 to 4 
ratio, again
depending on your speed, as having a
kaleidoscopic-type effect from differing views.

~Then once you stop, the "Tesla Revolvers" continue the 'reverse rotating' as they make several rotations,then settle with the logo or image standing vertically every time! ~Regardless of speed, they all will 'always stop'with the logo or image verticle and upright.~They all will have a kaleidoscopic effect from variousviewing angles depending on rotation!~

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~ Method of Rotating Modes
~ Our Fitment Guaranty
~ Our Mounting Assistance 

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