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the Newest Life-Saving Device for Law Enforcement
since the Taser and another groundbreaking Law Enforcement apparatus is coming soon!

Welcome to the home of the 


The Blue Halo™ Safe~Stop™ is a Life-Saving device for Law Enforcement
that gives a traffic officer a "Free Open Third-Hand" on traffic
stops while quelling the need for "High-Speed Police Chases!" 

It's been considered the largest leap in technology
since the Taser, but the "Blue Halo™ is a 'device,
a tool, a piece of law enforcement equipment. 

An excellent example here!
Below is EXACTLY why we created the "Blue Halo™ lifesaving police
"Safe~Stop™! ...See what I mean by giving a traffic stop officer a "
Free Open Third-Hand"? ~ Had the officer in front of the door
not seen the driver's weapon first, the other would be dead!
...You can freeze-frame the video as this happens so quickly!
...Had it only been 1 officer - at night - holding a flashlight -
reading the driver's license - registration - insurance
verification, he would have been dead, no doubt! 

Police Shooting At A Traffic Stop
Three camera views. Police Vehicle-Cam / Body-Cam 1 / Body-Cam 2

"Click Link Below"

*Bodycam Captures a Man Pulling Out a Pistol And Opening Fire On Officers*
This is how fast things can go south on a simple traffic stop.

The infantile DEFUND THE POLICE campaign was nationwide
while groups and gangs were burning and
rioting in 34 U.S. cities!

We now see and believe the American Nation
has made a turn in the right direction
and they realize that the

Law Enforcement community needs to
be FUNDED and protected, NOT defunded! 

So here we are!
The last two years we have worked day and
night prototyping and performing R&D
and are on the verge of creating the 
"production model prototype"
we are proud to say!

We need the police and they need us
to help support their safety.

Please feel free to contact Blue Lives Matter2 at for
the latest updates and releases!



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