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James J.D. Gragg is most well-known for inventing the world’s first Free-Spinning Wheel Enhancers 1.0 - 2.0 - 3.0 & 4.0 with double and triple spinners which had spin test times within the U.S. Federal Courts that would spin by one hand turn over 18.5 minutes! He also created the 3D Holographic spinner wheels and spinners that would also spin in 29 different spinning modes. The phenomena set off a world auto enthusiast craze that grossed over one-billion dollars worldwide, while creating a new industry in the new millennium.

The illegal pirating was considered to be one of the most egregious cases of patent infringement U.S. history so Gragg then formed a multi-forced legal team taking 12 of the largest infringers to the U.S. Patent Courts, West Coast Southern District of San Diego and East Coast Northern District, Atlanta, Georgia. American Tru-Spinners, prevailed in an unprecedented 100% of its legal actions. American Tru-Spinners won Federal Summary Judgments against all 12 of the defendants for Patent Infringement and Permanent Injunctions were also issued against all the defendants. The awarded settlement amounts memorialized in the suit are not to be disclosed and remain strictly confidential by Stipulation of Court Order mandated by the U.S. Federal Courts of the Southern District of California and Northern District of Georgia.

Press & Media References

All articles, data, legal events and references on the Internet such as Wikipedia,, and deep-linked web sites etc. about James (J.D.) Gragg, American Tru-Spinners Inc., Tru-Spinners or International Tru-Spinners was created by their web masters, publicist, law school or Dr. Charles Bryant-Abraham, OAA, author and a PhD. in linguistics from the University de Montreal and CEO of ITS.

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Any museum reference and descriptions are those documented by the museums department of research and their curator. Legal Cites References-All law school references of record are those of the school and/or professor, colleagues or publicist including various ATS legal firms along with motions and judgments documented and adjudicated by the United States Federal Courts of the Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division and the United States Federal Courts of the Southern District of California, San Diego Division.


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