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Business & Personal Creed

written by
James J.D. Gragg -  Founder & CEO of Omni Intellectual Properties - Inventor - Author - Solutionist 

~ Creed ~ I believe life is about finding and releasing the magic found in the mind - in particular the creativity of invention and collaboration of intelligence with the awakening of our innovative spirit. 
~ I believe our minds act as a conductor between the future to the present - dreams becoming logical
and the imagination becoming practical. ~ Where creativity is nurtured to help solve problems
for others and create new growth for all those in the future. 

~ I champion all children - emerging technology - pervasive computing - improved semantic search technologies - augmented realities -artificial intelligence - all to be combined into an implosion of knowledge and spiritual growth for all - as I believe with any invention - innovation - creation - along with science and technology - even the fine arts in all its forms - we are purely witnessing the 'affect' of the
ones gift that created it.  James J.D.Gragg 

~ Commitment - Honesty and integrity are of my highest requirements of myself and those around me. 
I give 100% to every invention. When problems arise, I feel they are 'not' there to destroy us,
but rather put in front of us simply to be solved.

Most every invention I actually see the mechanical workings of the model before prototyping even starts, which saves me hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. Please take note or the
objective word "most" as I do have an ongoing project that is quite baffling, this would be
H.U.G.S. - a Hyper Universal Generating System that I am working on for 3rd World
countries. I know it will function, however, I am concerned with the ratio of power
output versus input to make it feasible and I wish the unit to run quietly
enough eventually to be used in the private sector residential
homes and local businesses within the inner city limits.

Prototyping is what I feel I do best - it is what I love doing beyond the initial creative stages and I
normally I can tell you rather quickly if you are facing an irremovable obstacle in your project
and I am more than willing to help.  As my creed reads, of which you may run across
again while performing any due diligence of my background on various social sites,
- it is the same now as it has been and will never change as 'this' is what is inside
me - 'this' is what makes me tick, love and respect what I do. 
 James J.D.Gragg


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