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~ 'Blue Halo™ Law Enforcement Equipment Xs 2 ~
~ "Blue Halo™ "Safe~Stop" is considered the largest leap of technology since the Taser!
...but it is NOT A WEAPON!  ....It is a Law Enforcement 'Tool'! 
Giving law enforcement a "Free Open 3rd Hand" on traffic stops and quells the need for "High-Speed Police Chases"!
...and coming soon the Blue Halo™ "Pit-Right™ saving even more lives! @


~"Golf Methodologies" with a "Swing Calibrator™~
Contact us for a complimentary "Chipping & Putting" guide and the "STG Putting
Technique" instructions to see if you like our approach to the game of golf!

With an estimated 9.5 million golf articles out there, be picky!

to check out "Golf Methodologies" 
and the "Swing Calibrator™ & line of TRU-Putters™.


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